Sunday, 23 September 2018

My Cross Country Writing

A few days ago I finished my writing about the Frankley school cross country and I was really proud on how the writing turned out. Here is the writing :)

Here we are again these dumbest day in school EVER! Cross country. My heart was tearing in half as I waited for my age and gender to be called.

Finally Mrs Morris called us to the finish line. My arms quivered with worries, my throat was like a desert. The finish line screamed at me to take a step back. My heart was pounded out of my chest. The butterfly stabbed through my stomach.

On your marks, get set GO!! I ran to the muddy grooty green gate. Then I was done I couldn’t even get over the stairs. Running up the farm was  horrible my breath was running out every miler second. The smell of poo grossed me out. It smelt sour and like fresh rhubarb.

Then I finally finished going through the hot farm. I ran through the orchid waiting for the most dreading part. The hill. The hill is steep and and you can barely walk up it. Once I got up the hill I walked till I got to TUHONO. My eyes glazed on the 5 people in front of me. I placed my hand on my head, suddenly my hand was wet.

After another lap of the school I was approaching the finish line, all my friends were screaming for me and Aimee. It felt amazing finishing. Me and Aimee were dragging our feet to the water fountain. Our mouths rested as the first drop of water touched our tunge. THE END

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