Thursday, 22 October 2015

How To Round

First get an equation and round it to the nearest ten. So I rounded it to 40 and took 4away from 80 which equals 76 and then do 76 + 40 which = 106 

Monday, 12 October 2015

The Dragon

This is one of my writing stories and it's called The Dragon. I conferenced it with my teacher and I got lots of ticks for my goal. My goal was to use punctuation like full stops, capital letters, speech marks and question marks. My teacher gave we a tick for each one I used. She was impressed. I think I need a new goal. 

Wednesday, 9 September 2015

My name sculpture

Yay I've finished my name sculpture I'm going to tell you what the letters stand for. A was for Gymnastica one of the Bs was for frankley school the other B was for my favourite colour green. The I was for carring.The E was for candy. I had done a mistake  but I realised that mistakes were art.

Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Best Piece of Writing

This is a really good piece of writing because it has my goal in it and I wrote it according to my plan and I have spent a lot of time on it. My goal is similes and I put my best effort into it. I am so happy in myself because I put lots of details and that made me happy because I had it ready in time. So hope you like my story.

Hi everyone my name is Kate and I am as naughty as this apple beside me.
My name means free and lot of people think that I have the right name.
Last year I went to jail because I stole a $ hundred necklace. In jail I had heaps of friends
also when we got to be let free for a bit I would spend all my time hanging with my friends.
My friends names were: Gia,Lucia, Maliesi,Daina and Taryn. Well they finally let me out anyway by the way I was tired of walking round to room to room anyway, my legs would get as sour as broken leg. 10 years latter.
I decided to repeat my badness by stealing. First I made my plan next I thought well I could go to jail again. The next day.  
O.M.G [ oh my god]  I complete didn’t get court YAY YAY. Tonight I’m going to look on the news and see if my case is on the news. MWAHAHAHA! I was cooking dinner then the news came on, yay yay time to see how much trouble I have made. On News.Today there was a burglar around Rova street now we know that they did steal a $ 
necklace. We believe that it was Kate or Lucy. Ring!
Hello this is Kate well I went passed Rova street and I saw Lucy's car by 52 Rova street! Um OK do you happen to know her number plate on her car? Yes I do HD4A0U OK thanks for your information OK bye.Bep
Oh yea I'm getting away with this. Ring!
Hello  this is F.B.I government and I rang Lucy and she said she has no necklace and she doesn't know this person at all, oh well I didn't do it because I don't have a necklace OK can we come to your house and have a check that you ain't lying um ok Bep. OMG what do I do now? Mmm I know I can quickly speed along to Lisa's house! RMM RMM yes I'm there. knock knock 
who is it oh hi what are you doing here? Well I need you to look after this necklace WOW that is as shiny as gold I know so that why I came here. The police are coming to check if I have this at my house. So I need you to look after it OK OK  thanks. RMM RMM few just in time. Knock knock. Who is it F.B.I oh hello come on  in look if you need to. . . 
Thank-you for helping find the necklace but there is no evidence. OK I really need to speed to Lisa's house and get the necklace. EXCUSE ME!OH NO I just said it stupid stupid stupid she said That was totally wrong. Kate you are under arrest for stealing and lying to a police. Well that was stupider than pouring milk on my  new black carpet, hhhh what have I done?  The next day 
Kate you can be let out and can talk to your mother for a bit OK.Hi mum Hi Kate, everything went quiet for about 2 minutes. What in the world were thinking I don't know? You graduated high school and you are 16 what were you seriously thinking? Sorry Kate come back to your room. Why did I have to do this? One week latter.
Miss Kate you are let out. OK bye everyone! Oh my god I thought this would never happen. I am so happy like happier than a rich person. But I am a bit sad because I can't see my friends anymore so sad. But time for the candy store woah. We are there!
I got redliquorice,sherbet lollies,lego lollies,apple syrup taste and rainbow tres. Yum yum yum this going to be awesome, that was complete yum! Time for the pools, this going to be awesomer than winning something. 1 2 3 eeee  S.P.L.A.S.H
I am never going to do bad things again ever! I don’t know why I wanted to be bad!!

And that is the end of the Black Cat Bad Cat.

Sunday, 28 June 2015

Matariki Art

These pieces of art work are my drafts. I worked very hard on them the next one down the bottom is my published piece. The hardest thing was blending it was very hard. Well thank you for looking at my art maybe if you tell me that you have art on your blog I will look at it.

Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Our Zoo Trip

This is a photo of room 67HQ at the zoo. The lady is is showing us meal worms.

Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Unit Fractions With Abbey W

This is a photo of a photo with Abbey W doing unit fractions.

Rocking 67HQ Assembly

This is a photo of our assembly. It was amazing everybody was convinced in what we were saying.

Monday, 4 May 2015

Learner Profile

This is a photo of my learning profile. It shows you lots of school info about me.

Sunday, 22 March 2015

Sango Sloty

Its head is shaped like a triangle! It has one eye and it sticks out like a sore thumb! Its got three smiling open mouths and it can eat 30 lollies at once! Its got a nose with a point and then a rose on the point! Its neck is as skinny as a straw and long! Its body looks like a pencil but it is horizontal! Its legs are a line with bumps on the outside! Its feet look just like hearts but upsidedown! BY ABBIE