Wednesday, 16 May 2018

Hydro Slide Recount

Up really high, my hands shook like the washing machine on full. Miniature bumps grew on my skin.

All of a sudden it turned pitch black,it felt like the dark had taken me away.

Hi these are some sentences from my latest Writing Hydro Slide Recount. These sentences demonstrate my goal witch is Show not tell if you would like to read more click this link. Click here to read the full story.


Hi there this is my ANZAC WIT Art. I made all by myself, it took a little bit of time, not to long and not to short. So the story of this is the Gollipoli story. So what happened is ANZAC came to the back of Gallipoli thinking they will freak them out and win. But when they got to the back the Germans,  Russians and the French were on higher ground and shot below. Heres a little something the man said hows in Gollipoli "Your Men are now in the soil of a friendly place.". Here is my artwork.