Sunday, 24 June 2018

"Tahi Rua Toru" Tech Progress

Hi welcome back to my blog, I'm going to be showing some things that are going on with our Tech challenge. So I will be telling you the name and the purpose and whats happening with it.

So first I will tell you the Name of the app, it is called OZONE. Why? Because this is a relaxation and calming app that can help with depression and stress. So why did we call it OZONE? Because calling it OZONE reminded us of our Own Zone, and we could be in a special place which is just our Own Zone. But to add a twist we thought OZONE would be better, So that explains why the name is OZONE.

Next we have the Purpose of the app. So the purpose is to stop depression and stress and anger. It has a Mood Tracker Page, Depression page and Meditation page. But still what is the purpose? Well there has been a lot of suicide thoughts and bad things happening around us in our community, sad enough they have mostly been kids that have had suicidal thoughts. Me and Haka have aimed this app at kids although adults can still use this app.

Here are some photos of what its looking like so far. This is your sneak peek. :)

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