Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Abbie 's Post on Wednesday, 2 August 2017

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Where I'm up to with WIT e For our WIT we have gotten very far now we are emailing Mrs Parks and Mrs Mills to interview 2 students and to see if they like our ideas. And here is the email. Dear Mrs Parks and Mrs Mills We are making a scratch quiz for our WIT and the target age is Year 3 and 4. Our WIT is to study invertebrates and make a resource to help year 3 and 4 identify invertebrates from the frankley school bush. We would like to talk to 2 people in your class to ask these questions and see what they think and to give us some ideas about a helpful resource. What would be a suitable time and day to talk to 2 of the Te Pihinga students. Questions Do You use technology like computers or laptops much in your class? Would a website or something similar be useful to your class? If not what would you recommend us to use? If so Why do you think we should change? Do you know much about invertebrates ( bugs without a backbone)? Does your class struggle identify bugs or invertebrates ( bugs without a backbone)? Has your class looked into invertebrates yet? Are there any people who are already interested in invertebrates? Kind Regards Abbie O, Taryn J and Aria T

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