Sunday, 2 April 2017

Swimming At Highlands


On  Thursday all the year 5-6s went to highlands for Swimming celebration. What is swimming celebration you ask? It is something for 5-6s and we show off some of our swimming skills. A teacher will tell the crowd what some of us are going to do and then the teacher near you will say go. Now you go across  the swimming pool.  I participated in 7 event my favourite was relay. In my relay team was Jak, Taryn and Haka. They were very fast. But guess what we won the relay race. I love swimming so much.

After the race

Freestyle width

My Relay Race


  1. Sorry grandad and I missed your swimming. But I'm glad you enjoyed your hot mince pie.

  2. Nice work Abbie on your swimming. I hope you are going to be a good swimmer when you grow up. Good work on your information. You don't have any spelling mistakes. I enjoyed swimming with all my friends. What was your favourite part?